Stargate Adventure


A graphic adventure set in the Stargate universe


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Stargate Adventure is a free graphic adventure based on the television series Stargate SG-1. The series itself was set in the universe laid out by the 1994 film, which showed the discovery of a series of connected star gates that permit humans to discover other worlds inhabited by intelligent life. These other beings explain the existence of many religions of ancient civilizations on Earth.

The game starts chronologically, after the defeat of Anubis in the seventh season of the show. You play as the SG-1 taskforce, led by Colonel Jack O'Neilly and his comrades Samantha Carter and Teal'c. What starts off as a routine mission to find a zero point module in an unexplored world turns into a risky mission full of dangers.

In addition, you'll also visit familiar sites like the Stargate commando's refuge on Mount Cheyenne, and you'll speak with other familiar characters like General Hammond. These details will especially delight those fans of this science fiction universe.

Since the game was developed by Adventure Game Studio, it uses a familiar interface employed by the graphic adventures of the 90s. Its pixel art graphics also recall gaming jewels from decades ago, particularly the old Westwood games, like the series Legend of Kyrandia.
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